Dear ARGO members,

We are writing to solicit applications for the third cohort of our Nigerian Cancer Research Training (NCAT) Program.  This program seeks to expand cancer research training within ARGO-participating institutions.  The program employs a multi-pronged training approach, utilizing workshops, coursework, hands-on research, and mentorship.

We have a competitive selection of 12 Clinical Research Scholars per year using an established application process and a committee of MSK and Nigerian faculty. The program is structured so there is an intensive first year with a heavy research skills training component and then subsequent years include mentorship, team science training, and opportunities for pilot grants. We will offer the following didactic training activities:

  1. Utilizing online and in-person training developed by GCDI-ARGO, we will provide focused education in the fundamentals of clinical research to the 12 research scholars each year. There will be four meetings per year—we will aim for two in-person and two virtual meetings.
  1. For the 12 research scholars we will offer:
    • Harvard Principles and Practice of Clinical Research certificate course: A number of our physicians from ARGO institutions and previous cohorts have completed this time intensive collaborative, interactive, distance-learning course in clinical research; and we anticipate sponsoring participation of additional physicians from cohort 3.
    • Mentors from Nigeria and North America will be assigned for each clinical research scholar.
    • Monthly zoom meetings with research topics and presentations

Application criteria: 

  1. Consultant with Fellowship of relevant college or Faculty lecturer (PhD).
  2. Open to all physician, nursing, and science (social sciences and basic sciences) fields involved in cancer research.
  3. Applicant must be a Senior lecturer or below and have been employed at an ARGO institution for 5-years.
  4. Applicant has a position in a Nigerian institution that is part of ARGO for at least the year of the NCAT program and one year beyond
  5. Approval letter from applicant’s departmental leadership

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Dr. Adeyanju, Research Training Manager at ARGO  ( ) or Kate Randolph, Global Cancer Disparities Initiatives (GCDI) Program Manager at ( ).

Attached to this letter please find the application form and a list of the required documents to be returned to Dr. Adeyanju and Ms. Randolph no later than July 15, 2023.

We look forward to receiving your applications.


Dr. Isaac Alatise,


African Research Group for Oncology (ARGO)

Dr. Peter Kingham,


Global Cancer Disparities Initiatives (GCDI) MSK